Bringing Technology Into Your Classroom

Becoming a Techie Teacher

There’s no doubt about it, I consider myself to be a Techie Teacher.  Using technology to enhance learning for my students has become a passion.  It all started two years ago when a colleague showed me how to set up my first blog.  Soon after that I enrolled in an on-line class called Using the Internet in the Classroom.  From that point on, I was hooked.

Entering the world of technology has been life changing for me, and I have tried to share some of my passion with other teachers.  For the past two years I have presented professional development to teachers in my building.  Among other things we have learned about Google Docs, my students attended one meeting to introduce teachers to blogging, and teachers have created their own blogs.  We have new iPads in our building, and we have devoted time to learning ways to utilize them to support instruction.

At a meeting last week we were discussing the purchase of more iPads and laptops, and the need for additional training.   One of my colleagues asked if we could go back and talk about some of those things we had already worked on.  That is when I got the idea for this blog.

There are many blogs written about technology in the classroom.  To be honest, some of them are way over my head.  They assume a working knowledge that is beyond my experience.  The goal of this blog is to begin at the beginning.  It will present ideas for using technology to enhance learning in the elementary classroom.  I also want it to be a link to other blogs and resources.  I want to share ways to shape your own tech journey; through blogs, social networking, or conferences.

Ideally a blog post should begin a conversation.  If I leave out a step, or fail to answer a question, please write a comment asking for clarification.  If you have a better idea, please share it.  A blog post should be just the beginning.

While I have created this blog with my colleagues at school in mind, I invite everyone to participate.  Ask questions!  Share experiences!  Give feedback!  If I don’t know the answer, I will ask people who do.  And that is step 1 to becoming a Techie Teacher.


Comments on: "Becoming a Techie Teacher" (2)

  1. Lauren Rohweder said:

    Thanks for trying this. I will do my best to keep up with your posts. I want to learn to be a paper-free classroom. Or at least head in that direction.

  2. Thank you, Barbara! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work on this!

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